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Ok! I Give Up, Auto Join Walls

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Ok, I give up, I'll ask....

Why doesn't Vectorworks Auto Join Walls when I have the Auto Join Walls box checked in the VWs preferences? Doesn't Auto stand for Automatic? Then when I use the Wall Join Tool one wall will simply disappear.

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My 2?: you are not alone. I have tried auto-joining walls various different times and have alway abandoned it due to basic flaws and inconsistencies in the way it works (or doesn't). I almost always work with "auto-join" OFF in the pref's, then use the wall join (and/or component join) tool(s) to clean things up. It's another one of the imperfect features in VW's. Oh well, I get paid by the hour, and VW's is still WAY faster than hand drafting ;-)

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Thanks Peter, I thought It was just me. I have reversed the walls, clicked the Auto Join on and off and on and used the wall join tool also. Even when I edit or move a wall it should stay joined. Maybe they should talk to the Chief Architect people. CA joins walls and they stay joined. I wouldn't think the code would be that different. I still like VWA better even though there are some things that could be changed to speed up the process. No sense in an Auto Join option if it doesn't work! However, you're right, it's faster than drafting.

Hum? paid by the hour? maybe that's why there is a time log in VWs ;-)

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