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Vectorworks 2009 display problems on Mac Pro

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Those who are having problems, could i ask a simple question?

Assuming you said yes, apologies for my liberties here, this is the question:

Are you zooming using the trackpad?

If your answer is yes, then find a mouse with a scroll wheel and do the same action.

If no, then I am afraid I can be of no help.

If your case is like mine, the use of a mouse solves all of the aforementioned issues. I work most times with a external monitor and keyboard/mouse, so hadn't experienced the pain that shows up when using the trackpad with Vectorworks. I can tell you, I never go anywhere without a mouse when I need to draft away from the office.

The issue has been bug submitted, so hopefully they can track it down.

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Zooming in 2009 with a 3D model on a Mac is horrible. After zooming in or out, the screen erases, waits a bit, then redraws, then flashes. Slower than 12.5. This is with a Mighty Mouse & nice new Mac. SP1 installed.

Rotating is lightning fast, but zooming like this hasn't been acceptable since 1997.

VW, you want us to upgrade for this?

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I'm absolutely positive that this has to be a problem with the NVidia card. The common denominator appears to be the graphics card.

This is entirely logical because I am having problems in SketchUp as well. I suggest we flag them to Apple for resolution.

I have started a thread dealing with this in the Support forum here:- http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1829118&stqc=true

Feel free to add your comments.

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Guys... the use of this script referenced in the link below has completely solved the redraw issue for me.

It is a simple vectorscript that tweaks an application preference.

It seems to cause the screen to redraw immediately after zooming.

follow the instructions referenced below: (and please read the whole thread)


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Quote: "Not necessarily. I don't think there is support for resolutions above 1920x1200, which is the native resolution of most 24" displays. With 30" or above, the pixels are just larger. (One may even be able to read the OI..)"

N.B.: native resolution on the 30" cinema display is 2560 X 1600

pitch is 0.250 mm

24" cinema display native resolution is 1920 X 1200

pitch is 0.258 mm

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