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VW 2009 Slow


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Well, I'm not alone.

2.33 intel mbp.

I can believe video hardware got pushed over the edge.

Is a bit of a disappointment since I'm used to drawing at a bang bang pace. The hesitancy and latency does disrupt the flow a bit. Even things like deleting an object are happening after the beat. Usable but a it less efficient.


Wish there were some options for restoring snappiness (no pun intended). I'm not sure that all the cursor feedback I'm getting is absolutely essential. I might prefer less info for restored responsiveness.

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A fix for the dimming problem that @composed and I (and others) were having (I think.) Kudos to Jim of VW Tech Support.

In VectorWorks, select Tools>Options>VectorWorks Preferences?

Select 'Interactive' tab

In 'Highlighting' column, select (check) 'Selection highlighting'

From 'Animation' menu, select 'Off'

If you wish selected objects to be highlighted (by default, orange) when you select them:

In 'Highlighting' column, leave 'Selection highlighting' checked

Click 'OK' button

If you do not wish selected objects to be highlighted,

In 'Highlighting' column, deselect (uncheck) 'Selection highlighting'

Click 'OK' button

I was working with highlighting deselected, but animation was set to 'Burst' - apparently this was telling Mac OS to dim when cursor moved away from selected object, even when highlighting is turned off. With animation set to 'Off', there's no dimming.

Will report if there are corollaries to this fix, otherwise thanks Jim!

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I have been using VW 10 very happily for about 8 years on a G4 Powerbook Titanium. I know that some time soon I will have to pension off my titanium friend and get aMacbook Pro. Will VW 10 work on that or will I have to buy the VW 2009 as well? Ouch.

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