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Objects disappear in Final Quality Render


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I've created a polyline road and sent it so surface, and then set it 20 cm higher so it wouldn't have "gaps" in it.

The road is perfectly visible with OpenGL rendering, but if I render with Renderworks it disappears. If I pick Fast Renderworks, only parts of the road are visible. What's going on?

I thought it might be something I've missed with textures as I'm new to Renderworks, but the issue still remains if the textures are taken off.

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I don't have much experience rendering roads, but I had a similar problem with certain extruded objects and sweeps. This worked for me:

In the Objects Info Palette:

Click the "render" tab.

Where it says "map type" right under the preview of the texture, change it to cylinder. See if that works. If not, try different mapping options. Perhaps perimeter, if cylinder doesn't work.

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