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VW 2009 Keyboard Shortcuts

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The problems mentioned below are not working in the Designer version, they appear to be fine in Fundamentals.

Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar is supposed to zoom out, however it gives me an eyedropper with a star...

None of the dimension shortcuts are mapped, and it won't let me assign them in the workspace editor. <,> <.>

Some visualization keys are not mapped Shift+, Shift+, Shift+, Shift+, again, cannot assign in workspace editor.

Shift+<-> is supposed to offset, however, it does nothing, even though the key is mapped properly. <-> x2 does not work either, such as in previous versions...

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If you are working on a Mac, be sure that your system keyboard settings are not interfering.

Go to System Prefs > Keyboard & Mouse, then click the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. There, you'll see many options for setting keyboard shortcuts that can interfere with an application's settings. This is not always the case, but I always have the absolute minimum system-wide keys set in my system prefs to avoid potential conflicts.


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This is my version that fixes problems with new MacBook Unibody Keyboard, i suggest for vectorworks 2010 to fix the problem with classes and layers since the fist numbers to use the same keys for function with views, an also wall autojoin and zoom line thicknes on a menu with a shortcut and tools grouped by function or name

if you want to download the workspace look on www.lcda.org on course files

with the previous registration

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Please create a signature with your version of Vectorworks including updates and computer specs including OS. Click on the My Stuff link at the top, Edit Profile.

Guessing that you are on a Mac, this is a Mac problem. Do a search of the board for "+shift +key +not +working", without the quotes. The + signs help narrow the search.

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I all of a sudden have exactly the same problem. I've restored all of my keyboard shortcuts to default and have been looking over the help menu for an hour now. The list of things that don't work include:

spacebar pan

shift-select multiple items

eyedropper tool

Strangely enough, option- keys still work, such as option-2 still gives me double line mode.

I can't figure this out and it's killing me right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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SOLVED. Sort of. For me, at least.

I got the functionality back, though I'm not entirely sure what I did. In case someone else has this annoying problem, here are the steps I went through:

In System Preferences>Keyboard. Restore all to defaults (except Expose/Dashboard).

Try messing with the keyboard shortcuts such as Cntrl>F1, which toggles universal access. I haven't been able to re-create the problem, but this might have done it. For the record, I'm not certain if the shortcut is Cntrl>F1 or Cntrl>fn>F1

That URL is: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1343

Another thing I did earlier was unplug a peripheral mouse while the computer was asleep. This has never been a problem before, but I think perhaps the computer was expecting a mouse wheel click rather than a trackpad input. Don't know, just a hunch. I went into System Prefs and opened up the Logitech dialog, which told me there was no mouse installed. This didn't help initially, but perhaps the system reset when I let it sleep again.

Hope this helps

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