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VW2009 Spotlight Missing Items and Wish List

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In VW2009 Spotlight, the "System" choices are now Pre assigned 'A-F'. I think this is done to work with Lightwright 5, but it is limiting. I have to use more than the six choices when dealing with large coporate events and now there is not an easy way to do so. Either we should be able to type in a different letter "system" or at least give us more than six to choose from.

One item that has always been an issue is the limitation of Label Legends. You are limited to the size of legend by the box it is created in. If you have multiple labels in the legend that are 'long" or if your scale of the drawing is small and you want your legends large, then sometimes the legends do not appear. First it would be great if you were not limited to the size of the legend when creating it. If the "text" is not entirely with in the creation box, the text may not appear on the drawing. For example, if the fixture has color, purpose and gobo in front of the lens, it would be great if I could shift the text in the Label Legend to work under all conditions. Yes, Iknow I can edit the text after it appears on the drawing, but that means I have to review each fixture and adjust when needed. But this takes more time and when dealing with 1000 lamp shows this becomes alot of checking and alot of time. Ideally, it would be great if the text could "auto adjust"depending on the other text in the Label Legend. I know that's asking alot. Also, if you duplicate a legend, you can not edit the choice of symbol. Why?

Position Summarys. I can adjust the size of the light position name, but the fixture summary list can not be changed? This is a very useful tool, but depending on your drawing scale it may not appear usable. I have also have had issues when creating a "Light Position" using truss created with the truss tool, the "Light Position" is sometimes much wider than the truss. If you pick the "light Position" truss, the highlight box sometimes appear 10 times wider than the truss. Ideas?

More to come.......

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hi kelrock;

i can't address all of your comments because i don't use some of the stuff you're talking about. when you talk about the size limitation of the label legends, on the other hand, i wonder what size or scale of unit you're working with. on most lighting fixtures, moving or conventional, if you paste one in a LL box, it (and the accompanying text) will fit easily presuming the fixture is in 1/2" scale. maybe with your 1000 unit plots you're working so small that the text is then huge? or maybe you're working with big honkin' fixtures? in any event, you might consider changing the percentage scale of the drawing, and have that help in the reduction. so that the symbols (?) and/or the text (?) wouldn't need to be so huge.

then again, i could be missing the problem completely.

good luck,


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