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Help!: Walls shown wrong elevation in 3-D views

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Have drawn house in 3D in several layers all correctly referenced (Z, delta Z) to the ground plane (the only working plane). I've linked relevant layers to a linked layer. However, when I view this linked layer in any 3D mode, most of the walls, especially those with symbols (doors, windows) in them, appear some 61' below the ground plane! These misplaced objects are not layer or class specific. The slabs, site paving and some walls are shown at the correct elevation. I'm stumped.

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If you've changed the height of a layer after creating a layer linked model the model does not change to reflect the revised Z value of the layer. Select all of the layer linked model, unlock it and delete it. Then, create a new linked layer model. The new model will reflect previously made changes to the Z values of layers included in the model.

David Lodge

David Lodge Studios/Architects


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