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I would have thought that this would be information that could be provided as a comparison chart by Nemetschek staff. Their sales and technical team should be able to provide you with the necessary information, especially as you know Revit very well.

Try them on Monday morning.

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there are some observations which I see as a minus to VECTORWORKS vs Revit:

when there is a site area calculations in stead of using formula /144 it should be automatic and built in.

insertion of door in Revit is much easier than in Vectorworks, I think Vectorworks should steal that from Revit, in Revit when you insert the door or anything temporary dimension appears instantly between the wall and the door edge and you can manipulate that dim so the process is almost limited to one operation in stead of few in Vectorworks.

Let?s say we have an inside corner of the building and out of that corner there is a interior wall coming out, when you move that corner the interior wall doesn?t automatically follow that corner, dimensions are not relocated automatically, and there is no automatic wall joint clean up, so that has to be improved and I would say compare to Revit is almost unacceptable.

In Revit you have toll which reminds hammer, so it is so easy to use one tool to show what to demolish in stead of choosing the walls or objects and reassign the layer or class, besides if the wall has a door and that wall is demolished the door should be as well, it is obvious that when you remove the wall the door in this wall has to be removed as well, it maybe reused later in the project but the contractor will have to remove it anyway.

temporary interactive dimensions used by Revit it is something which should be in archicad or Vectorworks, it speeds everything up, any modifications, any object insertions etc, there is no shame to borrow good idea from the competitor.

grids should be parametric so when you do them in the floor plan they should be automatically in elevations with the option to turn them on or off.el

elevation bench mark should automatically adjust or recognize elevation of the object, floor etc. in stead of copy that and change the the value.

custom shaped stairs- there is no way to do the stair as a stair object in the custom shape, for example on side of the run has a shape of wave, the other side is straight or custom shape of the landing. The parameters which are built in are very limited.

I just started using Vectorworks and those observations are first things which came up

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I use both, VW for 8 yrs and Revit for a year.

Revit is good at quick material schedules and simple building design, but it is not good at all for actual construction details.

VW is what I would term a more complete 2D/3D drawing package whilst Revit is more for prelim overall concepts.

There is no direct Revit to VW with files. Revit creates a .rvt file, export to .dwg then import the result into VW.

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