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Custom title block from VW 2008 to 2009


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A suggestion to quickly get up and running is to print your Word title block to pdf then import the pdf into VW. Then, use the text and line tools etc to draw over the pdf, making sure that each text field and description are different text blocks. Finally select all title block elements (not the pdf) and create a symbol for it. For your image, save as a jpeg, png, psd etc and import that in to your symbol.

When you then have a little time on your hands, check out the manual for title blocks. The gist is that, you need to create a VW record in a particular format (as explained in the user guide) then edit the title block symbol and link the edit fields to the VW record that you just created.

You finish up by saving in the custom title blocks user area at which point the title block will be available to the drawing border tool for ever and a day. When you select a drawing border, you can select your title block and can then enter the editable fields. If you want to use the issue manager, then you need to fulfil all the title block criteria.

There is an example movie on the NNA website somewhere.

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Just to add to the confusion...Once you use the drawing border to drop the title block into your sheet layer all the text in the title block symbol gets changed to the font set in the current drawing file. I need several different fonts to create one of my clients title box.

Perhaps this is common knowledge but...The work around I found was to create the title box using two different symbols, but linking all the necessary text to the one record. This requires using a template file rather than just accessing the title box through the drawing border tool of course, and thus is not quite as painless as the traditional title block.

All of the sheet specific information is in the symbol which is placed in the drawing by the drawing border. This symbol is simply a series of text boxes. All of this information will use the current font when placed in the sheet layer. I placed the main title block symbol in its own design layer and use view ports, but I'm sure it could be dropped manually into the sheet layer as well. (I use "duplicate" to set up additional sheets in order to avoid fussing with title block placement.) All of the fonts in this symbol remain as I intended them.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that by doing this, I was still able to access and change ALL of the record's job information through the issue manager (or the drawing border Object info palette) just as if it was all in the one title block symbol. I'm not sure I will ever recover the time spent futzing before finding this work around - since the main title block symbol could be easily changed manually - but hopefully someone else will benefit....

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Here's some stuff regarding creating title blocks I've written to kind of jog my memory as I sometimes forget how to do it...

Title Block

Custom Title Blocks can be drawn and then the text linked to a record. First create a record the usual way RB >> RECORD FORMAT >> CREAT NEW RECORD >> NEW >> Name it

To have data appear on every sheet (like the project name and firm name) the ?code? is P_FieldName to have data appear on a discrete sheet the code is S_FieldName. To allow carriage returns in a name, place a # after it in the record set-up. To attach text to the record first make a symbol of the proposed title block, then go to Edit Symbol and within this go to TOOLS >> RECORDS >> LINK TEXT TO RECORD?this must be done for each individual instance. Once created, you?ll get a nice data entry box when you click on ?Edit Title Block? once a border has been placed on a sheet.

If you DO NOT want all your fonts to be the same in the title block, just be sure that particular block of text DOES NOT have the PEN STYLE selected to use the Class style ? this will allow you to use different fonts within the custom title block.

Issue Manager

In the SHEETS DATA button, you can click thru sheets and quickly update Title Block info. To change a global parameter, go to the Issue Manager and change something (a ?dummy? change that you?ll change back), let it work thru the set, ? the set will have updated?

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