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Problem exporting lineweights to EPSF (VW 2008)

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This is the second time that i have been attempting to export drawings to Illustrator and my lineweights are just wrong. They have values of 0.0018 and such in my Illustrator document. In VW, the weights are appropriate. So there is a disconnect somewhere in the exporting process. Does anyone have any experience with this? Might i have accidentally hit a key command that screws this up? I have tried a test file, where i started in a blank document, drew 6 lines with different weights and they all made it into Illustrator fine. I am at a loss as how i am to resolve this in VW.

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PDF is locked for editing because i am using a student, using a student version. (For the record Nemetschek, i'd be down for paying up to $500 for a "Student Edition" that was unlocked and fully functional that was a 3 year license or something that i could then put towards a pro-rated full license).

Anyway, after contacting support and not getting any help i have figured this out. So, this is for the record, if anyone else is having this issue.

It SEEMS that the answer is to create a viewport and export to EPS from the viewport. When this happens, the line weights are accurate to within .01 of Illustrator's stroke weights. Before i would snap an EPS from a model layer and then have to rework all my weights in Illustrator. So, viewports are the way to go!!

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