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Send to Surface (Roadways and Extrudes)


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Hi all!

Why Roadways and Extrudes don't shape themselves to fit the Site Model the way 3d polygons do? I can emulate Roadways with 3d polys, but what with Extrudes? I try to emulate a stone fence with an extrude, but it just don't fit the site model as it hangs there in the mid-air and below the ground in some places.

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Draw a poly for fence boundary. Send it to surface. Draw a profile which is the fence cross section. Extrude along a path. It may wobble a bit instead of staying normal to the surface.

Or for no wobble you can use lofting. Draw the fence outside poly and inside poly. Send them to surface. Now you have the bottom of the fence following the contours of the DTM. Duplicate them and move the dupes upward to top of wall height. Loft along these.

As your observe, extrudes and other objects do not bend or conform to the DTM when sent to surface. Which is usually a good thing.

There is a fence site modifier (M0dify>Convert>Objects from Polyline), which could work for you, too, but I find it a bit buggy when working with curves. File size goes up, etc.

Investigate Stake Objects, texture beds, and DTM fence objects (the grading modifiers, not the barrier things) objects to make your roadways work in the DTM.

Good Luck


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