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Vectorscript export bug in 2009

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I've noticed that if I export a drawing as a vectorscript, there are instances in the exported file where the visibility parameter for the SetDefaultEndMarker function is incorrectly set to TRUE when it should be false. So, when I re-import the drawing, I find that quite a few lines have arrowheads on them when they shouldn't.

I can fix the problem by opening the vectorscript file with a text editor, and manually changing the problem occurrences, but it's nuisance.

Hopefully there is a fix in the works.

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SetDefaultEndMarker function visibility parameter is correctly set to TRUE just before drawing the one and only line (an arc actually) that requires an arrowhead. However, it fails to add another SetDefaultEndMarker function to change the visibility back to FALSE afterwards. Hence all other lines which occur afterwards in the file are incorrectly drawn with arrowheads.

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