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Can VW 2009 Import an ACAD Helical Sweep?



Hi folks,

I created a curved staircase in AutoCAD with regular solids. The stringers & handrails are sweeps along helices. When I try to open the file (as either dxf or dwg) in VW, it loads the treads & other simple solids, but it seems to completely ignore the objects swept along a helix.

I'm using AutoCAD Architecture 2009 SP1 & VectorWorks Fundamentals 2008 SP3.

I even tried to explode the helical objects into surfaces, but that didn't work either. I just need to import it so my colleague can include the staircase in his VW pretty-picture.

Thanks in advance!

**Reposted into appropriate forum...after I noticed there was an appropriate forum**

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Now, I am not an ADT user, but.... Especially when sharing with 'regular' AutoCAd ussrs, is the not a option to export or save as "plain autocad' (No, I'm sure that is not the correct phrase/function). Such an export is normall used when Autpdesk object enableres are not available.

This may help in the case of Architectural Objects


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The objects are just vanilla AutoCAD objects. The sales rep talked my boss into paying for the Architectural stuff...which I avoid like the plague. I don't draw 6-panel doors or stud walls. I design modular, multi-level exhibit structures using regular solids...hoping for a seat of Inventor soon :P

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