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Compose bug?

Gaia Matt

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I was just trying to compose two polygons together in a drawing, but the compose function didn't seem to work. I made sure that the points were carefully connected together. But still no joy.

However when I tried composing two polygons in another (new document) then the compose function worked fine.

For some reason this problem only occurs with polygons and polylines, not lines.

Does anyone know what is happening with compose / experienced the same problems?


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There is something odd about working in that file. Adding two new open polygons it seems unable to compose them too. A different file, all is well. Add surface works though.

I would also be worried about the huge file. If its a brand new file, your default template is likely to be the culprit.

I was wondering if it was to do with the scale, but a similar file with same scale is working fine.

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Ok - thanks for the advice. I tried an alternative template (VW2009 default) and it seemed to work, that is until I tried it a few times, and once again I couldn't compose the polygons.

What seemed even stranger was that when I moved the polygons closer to the centre of the workspace, they would compose, but move them away from the centre of the workspace and they will not compose.

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