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How can I organize plant lists by categories?

Doug L

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How can I organize plant lists by categories so that Trees are first, followed by Shrubs, Groundcovers, etc, and all with a subtitle. There was another post about this topic but I'm unable to find it again. It involved typing in a custom formula in the Data Base Headers rows.

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There is a pre-made plant list at the bottom of the Plant Objects Favourite (called Plant List - working drawings) that is already divided into those categories.

However, when defining your plants, you can't skip the Plant Data tab, but must make sure that the plant's Category is appropriately labelled as Trees (not singular Tree but plural Trees or it won't be counted)or Shrubs or whatever. There was a bug in the ornamental grasses/ bamboos category, but all the other categories work.

See if that works for you --

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That worksheet is a good starting point but you need to watch it in its default state - its highly dependant on the database being used and does not have all the possible plant categories listed.

In addition, if you are using data or a database other than the standard plant dataset, ie UK Coblands or your own data/database, the selection criteria for field 'category' may not match so you will need to edit the worksheet criteria for each subsection to select the correct categories.

If you get either wrong, your plants will be counted but not listed.

Last time that I looked, the standard plant database contained nearly 20 different categories, UK Coblands for example only has 9 of which only 3 match/similar to the default database categories so would be completely useless with the default worksheet. So watch out if mixing data from more than one source.

You may feel that you will want to consolidate the categories within the spreadsheet too - make sure that 'database headers' is ticked then edit the criteria of each row of sub heading data to check that the criteria is as you expect or to add more criteria.

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