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Question about old software: 12.5.3 Update Problems

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Okay, so I searched on this but was not able to come up with an answer. I have a student edition of VW 12.5 that I never got around to updating since last year (I know, i know, behind the curve) and am now trying to update to 12.5.3 to solve some of the issues I have had with the program crashing at random points after installing leopard.

I currently have 12.5.2, and have downloaded the installer and everything goes A-Okay until the installation "finishes". At that point I get a message saying "You have entered a Series B serial number, but /Applications/VectorWorks 12.5.2/VectorWorks.app/Contents/MacOS/Vectorworks is not a valid Series B version of VectorWorks."

From internet searching, I think I have a series "E" version (Educational) but I don't understand why the updater won't recognize that. My question is: how do I fix this, or what am I doing wrong? Why won't it allow me to update? I have about a month left on the license before I have to renew, but why would that be a problem? I am on a MacBook Pro with Leopard with the most recent tech updates.



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