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re: strange lines in viewport, what causes these?

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I have discovered some strange diagonal lines appearing in a design-layer viewport but they are not apart of the original file info. See image:


If I turn the layer, on which this design-layer viewport is placed, to gray line mode, the diagonal lines go away. So it is something about viewing state that affects this.

Anybody know what is going on? How to fix this? I don't know why it even happened.


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I don't see an image in your post ? but I also frequently have lines, especially vertical ones, in renderings of flat surfaces. I'm pretty sure these are artifacts from rendering polygons with very long aspect ratios (long, very narrow ones) which are necessary for a lot of things, especially shapes that are penetrated by holes.

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Without seeing an example, its difficult to tell, but its not one of the grids (ie ground plane) showing through objects is it? These can show as lines on 3D objects in say OpenGL mode but disappear (or become obvious what they are) in other modes and can look odd if your view is out of context with the grid.

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