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Worksheet function changing a negative to a positive

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I have a worksheet I have made. Now I have two columns one that is my x position and one that is my y position. For a number of reasons the y position origin starts above all the stuff I want the coordinates of. Meaning everything is a negative y. This is intentional. However I don't want my worksheet to report -y I just want it to report y. Everything is negative so really it doesn't matter.

Here is my line:


I have tired adding a *-1 in there, but that doesn't work. What can I do to make this a positive instead of a negative?

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I had a similar situation where I needed all the values to return a positive valuse regardless if the original value was negative or positive.

I did the following (N being the original number)

(N?) [sqaure root of N].

Basically multiplying any value by itself wether negitive or positive returns a positive value. (+ x + = +), (- x - = +).

Then I just take the sqaure root of that value and done. Hope that helps.

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