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VW2009 3D Curves, Arc, Cylinders are faceted

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Maybe somebody can help me with this problem. I have created some objects as 3d solids in VW2009, extruded circles and polygons, etc. Some of them are showing up fine, but some of them are EXTREMELY faceted. My settings are =

3D Conversion Res = Very High

Print Res = I've tried 72, 150, 300

Line Render Options / Smoothing angle = I've tried 0 to 50

See attached for reference - Artistic Renderworks seems to look the best. This is a VW2009 file.

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As an update to this, I have found that this is happening randomly in various different files. Some were originally created in VW2008, some completely new in VW2009. I cannot find a common thread. Sometimes about half of the arc / circles are horrible looking and the other half are fine... Sometimes I can copy the entire drawing into a new drawing, and then they are fine. Nobody else having this problem?

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As shown in image below, Im having a similar issue it seems. these are all nurbs circles that are extruded along path. All are being cut in section [the one to the far left is the only one cut straight on. As it shows the geometries are both : being simplified to polygons, and are being deformed into what can only be described as cloud like formations.

I also created the original geometry in 2008 and then went back and redrew the nurbs circles with 2009 [for problems with severe faceted simplification]


any thoughts?

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sorry, I tried that first and then couldn't find a parametric constraint over the facet simplification in help [other software show this option in the OIP]. The res control wouldn't apply {i think} because it was set the set in v08. If I had it on Extreme the model would become unworkably slow.

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