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space text will not rotate


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I have tried that.

The text box just jumps away to another location without rotating a bit.

I also tried making new space notations in the rotated model. Then the text show up rotadet by default like the old ones and can't be adjusted either.

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Are you sure you want to change the text rotation angle while in rotated plan mode?

What everyone needs to understand is that the rotated plan mode is NOT meant to be an "AutoCAD-like" UCS system. It was meant to be a temporary VIEW rotation mechanism to facilitate drafting/modeling at multiple, non-orthogonal angles. The user should ultimately always return to the absolute, or 0 degree, view.

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Right Jeffrey, That's how I meant to use it.

The problem I had is that the text did not rotate when I rotated the working plane but when I rotated the plane back the text did rotate as well. The result of this was that the text in the non rotated plan view was rotated - and I had to find a way back from there. "Undo" action did not help.

On the other hand, what's the reason all text rotates, except for the space tool text?

Then again, it seems to rotate randomly.

Randomly also seems to be the key word in my version of 2009. Whatever I do these days ends up with some trouble....

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I just tried it on VW2009 here and if I have space objects and I rotate the plan, the text of the space objects rotates with the plan. If you create a space object while rotated, it comes in at the same "apparent" angle as that of spaces made without the view being rotated.

With all the problems you are having, I wonder if you should delete VW and start with a new clean install of 2009 and see if that helps.


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Hi Pat

Now I'm as upgraded I can be, except for the computer itself. VW 2009, 4.5Gb RAM and latest macOS10.5.4.

In a blank document the space tool works fine, rotates as a merry-go-round.

So basicly it seems to be ok.

Maybe my problems arouse because I originally drew the plan in an upright position, then rotated it to fit the site map and as a third step rotated the working plane back to upright to be able to work on it. The space notations were already made before this.

In a way it is logical, but rotating all design layers simultaneiously should not leave some text unrotated anyway....or maybe it should...I'm a bit confused right now by all this spinning around.

Beeing upgraded and reinstalled, I quickly checked my window in wall problems and there's still no change there.

As for the class assignment problems - no change either. Still just one door at a time...

...really, really frustrating!

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