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Space Tool bug?

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Springing off from strategy change thread:

Look at the space tool: if you use arcs or curves in the poly, the area is calculated wrong. Poeple that doesn't know this will calculate projects wrong and thereby the project will go wrong, ...

Space tool and cut and fill calculations (which would appear to give the correct result but not display them in a way that some people expect them to so its arguably user error). I wonder if NNA has professional indemnity insurance to cover the situation where their software produces an incorrect result?

Any more information on that?

Where is the wrong displayed and where is the correct area shown?

How can I make sure that the area is truly correct?

Is the bug fixed in VW2009?

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Well, I took another look at this issue and found another bad programming bug: both the wrong and almost correct area is shown!!!

It seems that the 'area' is totaly wrong when using no point vertexes. It seems to ignore all arcs etc... .

At the other hand, the 'area from midwalls' is not ignoring those elements, so that's correct.

But what if you want the area inside those walls and not from their center? Than you'll have to make a poly instead of a space. You can explode the space so you'll also have the text.

All by all, this is a strange thing!

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Standard industry stuff is fair - bugs that have not been fixed are not

Explanations as to why they have not been fixed or if they will be fixed would be fair too

VW 2008 LM - Plants have been disappearing - their geometry that is and I would assume NNA is and has been aware of the problem for yonks now

So in big files and some of mine have 4000 plus plants - run a script to regenerate them; have a cup of tea; do something else and wait - that is my time and over months adds up

Does anyone remember corrupt Worksheets if you duplicated them - cost me in one project days and a client thought I was an idiot

BTW ? I did not tell them it was not me but my software as I would have preferred they too used VW

That is loyalty!!

Question is this - simple - will it be fixed - the vanishing plants that is?

Doubt it so just upgrade to 2009

That is ok and I plan to anyway but I can afford it

What about someone who cannot - at that level it is not fair or probably in fact in my view moral

I have not made a noise about that and other issues as I would prefer to see VW be used by more and recognised better as the great software it is

I think it is naive and shooting from the hip too quickly perhaps to suggest a licence agreement may mean a software developer can necessarily hide behind it in all instances

If I had the time and inclination ? and I do not - I would love to test that

Beyond that having not fixed bugs cannot be good for reputation either

NNA should not in my view at times exhibit such a heavy handed flippant demeanour towards their users ? at all

Without us you could not exist

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In response to higgins original post, the space tool area (mis)calculation is now a known bug. Someone has finally submitted a bug against it.

I don't have first hand knowledge of the plant tool bug. If a bug was submitted via the proper channel (http://www.nemetschek.net/support/bugsubmit.php), then the issue is in the hands of the appropriate engineers.

We don't take our users' problems for granted. We don't like to see bugs anymore than anyone else. There are lots of factors involved in finding and fixing them. Many times there are risks involved in "fixing" any bug. Careful consideration must be taken each time NOT to do more harm to the rest of the program, while trying to do good fixing a tool/feature/command.

We don't take our users for granted. If it seems, at times, there is little response from any NNA staff to questions in these forums it may be because of other factors.

Please be aware that we do not offically handle tech support issues via the Tech Board, as this meant to be a users' community. While various NNA staff members moderate the different forums, we contribute when we can. These forums allow users to help each other before turning to official technical support channels.

If you need assistance with tech support please email Tech@nemetschek.net, or call 410-290-5114. If you are a Non-US user please contact your local distributor. To locate your local distributor please use the following link: http://www.nemetschek.net/international/index.php


Technical Support

Nemetschek North America

Tech Support - http://www.nemetschek.net/support/help.php

Knowledge Base - http://kbase.nemetschek.net/

Video Tech Tips - http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php?ToDo=browse&catId=29

Training - http://www.nemetschek.net/training/index.php

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The plant tool bug must be known of within NNA - I am in Australia and have no doubt at all our distributors here have submitted it - long time ago

Check with your internal NNA people perhaps to see what is going on - they MUST know

Question is this - simple - will it be fixed - the vanishing plants that is?

Doubt it so just upgrade to 2009

That is ok and I plan to anyway but I can afford it

What about someone who cannot - at that level it is not fair or probably in fact in my view moral

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to be told - NO

Perhaps you place a post in the Landmark forum and explain if that is the case - why not

Or if it is going to be fixed maybe when

I doubt it will

Or is your time more valuable than mine?


I get where you are coming from

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Landmark questions are most effectively answered when posted to the Landmark forum where Eric Gilbey and other users who are more familiar with your issues can answer related questions. I help as much as I can in the General Discussion Forum.

I must honestly admit that I am still trying to catch up on everything in VW2009 and have barely scratched the surface of all the improvements in the products outside Architect.

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i fully sympathize with your neutrality and fully understand what everyone else says here, as i have been unable to upgrade Mech Design from VW11.5 simply because of the unacceptable imprecisions that continued to sprout out of every adjournment of each edition of the product i tried.(try getting NNA to admit to that)

It would appear that most of these hick-ups have been cured in 2009 . . . . . . . . Hallelujah!


Also, whilst i understand that all software manufacturers feel it necessary to protect their backs against "that piece of gum brought into the office by a member of staff on the bottom of their shoe", if any product is sold with a specific purpose, read "Publicity Schpeal", then, if it doesn't do that, it's improperly sold.

And no amount of "we can't be held responsible if it doesn't do what we promised" can save the time wasted by the many dedicated users who still don't want to jump ship in the hope of being rescued by another piece of software, even if less afflicted by wood rot.

If we moan and complain about the product so much, it's coz we still love what it does well, enough to sell it's good points to friends and colleagues that might join the "Pro VW Camp".

Adding more bells and whistles and polishing up the paint work will always make a steam engine look great, but if the rivets are coming loose in the boiler, sitting pretty is all it's ever going to do. Toughen the foundations, reinforce the walls, replace the windows and check the roof. You can give the house a lick 'o paint once you're sure it isn't going to fall down. :)

Did i mention i don't build walls? . . . . . :)

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