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About section viewports and Isometric views


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Maybe I'm wrong but, Vectorworks doesn't incorporate the possibility of setting a height constraint when using isometric viewports ..... much like the way you can set height limits in section viewports?! I find that other CAD programs allow you to set height levels so as to cut through walls at say 3 feet to allow you to see furniture layouts and such ... or am I missing something somewhere ... if not maybe Nemetschek should look into it ... can anybody enlighten me on this issue?

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You are right. You can't cut an isometric viewport,

but you can take a Section Viewport of your model while in a front/side/back view.

Just drag your section line and point down to finish.

Then change the projection to 'Oblique...'

Here is a test...note it extends the drawing to the upper right,

so it kind of feels 'upside down.' I tried just rotating the SVP,

but it still draws only to the upper right...hmmm....


Before I started this response, I was just going to suggest that you

try adding back in your "Cut 3D Section" menu command. If you are

familiar with editing your workspace you should be able to do this

and find it under 'Legacy' or something. You can usually get what

you want with this tool (or something reasonably nice) but it does

NOT update like a VP, you get a static new design layer...so any changes

to your actual model are not reflected in your section...you will have to

make a new cut.

Here it is in my workspace:


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You mean cut a Section Veiwport of a DLVP while in a Front View?

I hope that is not what you mean because when I try to do so it

automatically switches me back to top/plan view (even though the

mode bar in the upper right of my screen still says it is in "front" view).

I cut the section anyway to see what happens, and yes it is a vertical

section cut, not a horizontal cut like I wanted...

M.CH can you explain?


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Because the DLVP is a 3d object, if you go to the left view and rotate the DLVP 90˚.

When you go to plan view, creating the section VP will have the effect of cutting the object at whatever height you require.

You are rotating the object that you wish to section, so that you can use the tool!!!


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I'm sorry but I can't rotate my DLVP (it gives me the error about hybrid objects

only being able to be rotated in plan view).

But I think what you are referring to can easily be accomplished by creating

a Section Viewport on a Sheet Layer VP that is set to any side view.

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