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Export a Design Layer to DWG results nothing



I need to export 2 Designs Layers in VW 2008. I saved the first one to the desktop, when I exported the second VW 2008 says something like "There is a file with this name in My computer/Applications/VectorWorks 2008/VectorWorks.app/Contents, do you want to replace it?" What the hell is that? A folder inside an application file? Then I looked at the desktop, and there was no DWG file, I searched for it and find nothing. Another bug, just to maintain re bug regularity. Since I know it (MiniCad 6) this software has always been really, really buggy.

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That is exactly my point. Need to update cause the software is buggy. And as I read in Nemetschek site SP1 and SP2 fixes a lot of stuff, but there is no description on SP3, so I don't know if updating will solve it. And yes, I have several floppy disks with MiniCad 6.1, 6.1.2, 6.1..., 7.1,7.1.2, 7..., 8.1, 8.1.2, 8... and the list go on. One thing I saw was an arrow to show where is the width in a rectangle once it was rotated, a work around to fix a stupidity. That never occurred in past versions of it, since MiniCad width and hight were in place, didn't change when rotating anything. And probably they will say it is a new feature...

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EduardoS, It's not a SP3 thing...I had this SAME exact problem and JUST FIXED IT! Do the following:

Open your applications folder

Open the Vectorworks folder

Right click the Vectorworks icon and choose "Show Package Contents"

Onced opened,

Open the folder named contents

and there your file with be (.dwg) by whatever filename you named it


VW 2008 Student Edition

MacBook Pro

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