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I recently downloaded the weight info plug in from vectordepot vectordepot but it ask me for the specificWeightsTable.txt file

does any one knows how to load this file or has this file

and if i can load this info on the plug


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I wrote to the developer and here is the answer

"Here's the table and here are instructions to put all to work, ciao, Paolo"

i include the new files for VW2008 of this great plug in

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I too was having a problem setting this up .... the plugin was having problems finding the specificWeightsTable.txt file.

But eventually I figured out what the problem was.

For the Mac version, the Data folder MUST be in the Plugins folder of the Vectorworks Application, and NOT in the Application Support in the Library folder.

Sometimes the hardest problem is the easiest to fix.

I'm really looking forward to put this to use.

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Another tip for using the Weight Info plug-in command.

The "specificWeightsTable.txt" file is a list of materials with their weights separated by tabs. I've tried entering materials into this list and removing some entries, with no success, and puzzling script errors.

Eventually, I found the correct approach to editing the specificWeightsTable. This file has a set number of lines -- 355 -- and under no circumstances, NO lines may be added or removed.

With that set rule, I replaced the contents of existing lines with new materials, using some math to convert pounds per cubic feet to kilograms per cubic decimeter (the units used in the table). It worked like a charm!

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