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Problems with curve accuracy.

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We are currently drawing a large apartment block which curves gently at a certain radius. We draw a large circle at the correct radius and snap to its intersection with a line to draw the walls. But, when you zoom in closer to the curve, the snap is offset by a distance from the circle. As far as I can tell the snap position on curves/curved walls is not being calculated accurately enough. I am concerned because if the architect does not notice this error then the walls will be offset on the plans, we have already had an engineer commenting about inacurracies in our models due to this. Am I missing something, is this a known issue?

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hi john p,

i really don't want to upset you, but as far as i am concerned, this is a known issue... i have been trying to get some problems about internal accuracy of vectorworks resolved for a larger scale project we are setting up right now, and i have not found any satisfiying solution yet.

we're designing a project with a lenslike shape, and i found that whenever you use snap functions on curved elements, the internal accuracy of vectorworks leads to a point slightly off the point where it should be mathematically. this is an issue with all cad systems, but vectorworks (seemingly coming from the dtp-software area) only calculates 10digits, where other systems have 16 or 21.

a vectorworks tech told us, that in version 10(!) there might be a change to the coordinate system of vectorworks. we are currently discussion whether we will take the risk setting up the project in vectorworks or switching to a cad system with better accuracy.

if you find a way to resolve this...let me know!


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I don't know if this helps but this is listed on the new features of VW 9

"Increased Precision and Accuracy

VectorWorks 9 now supports a 64-bit floating point coordinate system that increases both the maximum precision and range of drawing coordinates. Now you can have a wide range of scales in a single drawing, and there is no limit to the size of objects you can create. In addition, changing units, layer scale, and drawing size no longer affects the drawing accuracy. "

Good Luck

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