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Unwanted Auto. Duplicating Fixtures in 3D & 2D Plot


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We've been running into a time consuming and annoying issue lately in Spotlight. On every lighting position we have on our plot lighting instruments seemingly duplicate themselves, perfectly aligning with each other. We can't see them when they do this. They duplicate as active lighting instruments so they take unit numbers when "auto unit-number" is on and completely throw off our instrument count. Not to mention we're exporting to ESP vision so this causes major issues.

It looks like it's happening whenever we "refresh instruments". From our basic calculations about two random fixtures per refresh.

Our current workaround is to avoid refreshing as much as possible, and before ESP and Lightwright are exported we export the raw instrument data to excel, find the duplicate fixtures, and delete them via their UID number in "find & modify".

Anyone ever run into this, know what might be causing it and how to stop it?

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Yes, I have had issues with exactly this problem. However have had limited success locating the rogue fixtures, even when I have found what I thought was the UID of the instrument. Very annoying, but not disastrous as I do little 3d modelling and I have chalked it up to yet another bug in the spotlight plug-in. However I am now wary of the info from the data base reports and often find myself checking carefully the LW file for any duplications/discrepancies. Kind of defeats the point really!

This doesn't help you but at least you know you are not alone!


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I saw somebody have a similar problem once. It turned out he was option-clicking accidently. He set his preferences to offset duplicates so that it was immediately obvious when it happened.

I do all my plots in 3d and I've never had a problem with refresh instruments. Do you have instruments on more than one layer or class?


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