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Using Bootcamp to run Vworks 2008 on my Macbook pro

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I just bought my macbook pro (2.5Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GBs 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 208GBs of available Hard disk space) and will be using bootcamp to run Vworks 2008/Spotlight/Renderworks, using Windows XP SP2.

My general questions are:

-Is 100gigs NTFS too big a partition for Windows?

-Should I just switch platforms completely? I purchased Vworks originally for my PC, which I have grown to hate, actually LOATHE...

Any advice on partitioning would be fabulous!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you have a professional copy you can call customer service and they can perform a platform switch, the same disk will work for Mac/Win but the pro serial numbers are keyed to a specific OS.

If you're using the EDU version then it can run on either OS with one serial number.

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I was also told I could not get a MAC serial number .... unless I bought another license. I've run VW 2008 on a 2006 iMac with Windows XP Pro SP2, 1 gig RAM without incident. Works great. However, HD partition for Windows is limited to 32 gig in order to be able to "see" Windows files within the Mac OS. I have not tried "parallels" because I understand the speed is decreased by about 30%.

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I started out trying to run under Parallels when I migrated from Windows to this new MacPro a month or so ago. The speed wasn't the issue so much as screen redraws even with zooming or panning. The lag was headache inducing. I am running two 24" monitors, so that may be part of the issue (too much screen for Parallels to handle? I don't know.).

We were fortunate to have had a spare Mac serial number in the office, so I am now running it native on the Mac side. It is altogether speedier. Much speedier! Amazingly so.

BuhBye Win. I won't miss ya!

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