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Blank screen happens during rendering


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VW 12.5 w/RW...Sometimes while rendering, applying texture, my screen goes blank (white) and I cannot see my rendering. I also cannot go back to my rendering. I've tried using the undo command to go back. Ultimately my rendering is lost ...even closing and reopening VW and reopening my rendering still shows a white screen.

Any Ideas?


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M.CH ...When I open Vw it says v12.5

Ray, I take it you are talking VIDEO driver. I tried and was told I have the best driver installed. here is what it says for my video driver....

RADEON X600 256 Hypermemory

RADEON X600 256 Hypermemory (Secondary)

I have 2 gb of RAM on a DELL Pentium dual core proc., 2.8mh

This might be important and I notice it is not in my original post....

With a saved rendering when adding a texture to another object the screen goes white...

BUT I am left with the one item I was adding the texture to on a white screen.. The rest of the rendering dissapears. After a save and having this happen I have also tried closing the job WITHOUT saving hoping to open it back up and see my original before the white screen...no luck.

Hope does means something.



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I've tried adding the file here using file manager on post.

What am I doing wrong?

The file loaded etc. but does not show up.

It's even giving me the name VW called the file.....1446

I have not updated to 12.5.3 yet...kinda afraid to touch anything...LOL


It's coincidence the file name has 2008 in it...It was created using v12.5 Fundamentals w/ Renderworks

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