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Cannot print to PDF...possible file corrupt? Please help!!!


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I created a file VW 12.5, and now I cannot print to PDF. I can print other VW files I have to PDF, but not this particular one. It let me print this file to PDF once, but hasn't let me since. Could I have done something to corrupt the file? Can it be fixed? Would hate to have to redraft everything. I even tried copying to another file but still wouldn't let me. Is there anyone I can send my file to and have them look at it to see what the issue is? Any thoughts?


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When I say print, I mean I go to File and click on Print. Then select PDF. I went into the print properties and changed the dpi to 72, that still did nothing. I can't imagine that would be the problem since I have always been able to print to PDF before, but now all of a sudden I cannot. I can't figure it out at all. Oh and yeah, I know I need to upgrade, just waiting for the cash to do it :)

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Also, the file size is 5.13 KB. And I didn't mean I couldn't copy, it let me copy, I meant that if I copied what I had drafted from the file and placed it in another new file, it still wouldn't let me print. But if I go to other VW drawings, even ones that are larger, it will let me print those, so I am thinking there is an issue with the drawing, I just don't know where.

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What software are you using to print PDF's?

Under windows printing PDF's requires a third party application such as Adobe Acrobat's PDF Writer(not Acrobat Reader).

Most likely, it is a problem with the third party software, not Vectorworks.

I believe VW12.5 supports "Export" for PDF's.

I would recommend this approach.

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It comes up blank, just like when I try to print it. I am wondering if it might actually have something to do with my memory. I tried using another program, PDF 995 to write to PDF and I get and error saying that the "memory could not be read", Also if I go into Adobe and try to create the PDF that way, it says that it could not open the file becuase it is either "not a supported file type" or "because the file has been damaged"

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5.13kb sounds impossibly low, I'd try opening a new file and workgroup referencing all the layers into the new file rather than copy/paste, break the links by deleting the reference and try your pdf export from there. If pdf printing is working on other files then it doesn't sound like a ram issue to me - although upping your ram is never a bad idea.

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Your file is corrupted. This is indicated by the file size, and the fact that three different method of generating a PDF all fail (Arcrobat, PDF 995 and VW).

You can try several things. Select all, copy, then paste the contents into a new file. Failing that, export it as DWG the import it into a new file. Failing that, try opening the file on VW running on a Mac (which handles PDFs natively) and "print to PDF". Failing that, draw it again.

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