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How would you make this (church)?


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Picture ch-front.

1. How would you make such front wall? The only way I can think is some kinf of alchemy with walls and extrudes.

2. With what objects/tools would you make this kind of front stairs? I've done it with floor objects.

Picture ch_back.

3. How would you make such kind of glass construction?

Window walls? Roof face with glass texture? Extrudes?

Any hint on any of these questions will be greatly appreciated.

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Church Front:

- Steps with Floor objects.

- Stepped walls with multiple walls and symbols forming the required ' hole' in each.

- Windows with custom hybrid symbols.

Church Rear:

- Stacked windows with a custom made hybrid symbol containing two 3D parts and a section of dummy wall.

- Glass walls with extrusions and a 3D poly for the glass.

- Glass Roof with extrusions and a 3D poly for the glass.

For the rear you can use techniques similar to those used for the window wall in the 3D Powerpack Example 7 movie. http://www.nemetschek.net/3DPowerpack/qtexamples.php You will also need to use the working plane tool.

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Mike, thanks for your responce! It's very great but I'm not quite sure I can follow.

- If walls are stepped, how will they look in plan view? (Like few different walls placed besides?)

- What kind of symbol placed in wall would cut emty space in it? Properly formed extrude?

- What exactly do you mean with "Windows with custom hybrid symbols." What are those custom hybrid symbols?

I'll give a try and will see what I can do with methods you suggested.

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Hybrid symbols have both a 2D and a 3D part. In Top/Plan View all you see is the 2D part. In Top and all other 3D views all you see is the 3D part. Whilst the manual does describe them it lacks information on how to create them. The best way to work it out would be for you to you explore some of the ones in the libraries. Once you understand how they work you will be able to make your own.

On reflection it would probably be easier to use a hybrid symbol:

- create the 3D portion with an extrude along path.

- draw a polygon to create the 2D and use hidden edge where walls are joining it.

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DWorks, you can texture the sides of floors in Vectorworks 2009.

The texture options for floors, walls and roofs were all significantly enhanced in VW 2009 (see images below). You now have options for all surfaces.

these are things I can't know about. These things aren't documented and I'll have to wait a couple of months for a translation.

So why exactly isn't every change documented???

Is there a list we can see about all changes?

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I don't know if every change is documented, but in the 'What's New in 2009' pages, under the Renderworks tab, there is a reference to the ability to "individually texture multiple parts of objects, such as wall tops, start caps, extrude edges, and more".

I assume mike m oz doesn't live in oz to have got his hands on 2009 so quick. 2009 is still a couple weeks away over here.

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Thanks for your ideas, Mike!

Though for church front people in my office found another option and we did it in other way.

Inner part is a wall that is 3D Reshaped (see attached file for idea) to have a "hole" in it. If we use empty symbols for "holes" then at the wall bottom there is a belt with thickness 0 which appears at rendering.

The upper part is walls+extrudes on the top.

For the church rear we are currently doing walls and roof faces. Both with glass textures and thickness of 26 mm. Now we are working on extrudes and 3D objects that would form necessary constructions... see attached picture of what we've got at the moment.

Any comments are welcome!

Doesn't matter wether on specific issues mentioned here or any other ideas how to work out project like this.

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