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exporting linked layers does not work!

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in our drawings, we use layer links to set up different documents from the same building, e.g. to print all floors of a building plan on one document, though they are drawn all at the same position in the file (as is the only reasonable way, i think).

despite the lack of an option to show different scales in such a layer link, this pretty much helps to work around the missing model space - paper space feature of vectorworks.

this would be fine except from 2 problems:

- is there any way to modify the list of linked layers in such a layer link (german version: "ebenenmodell")

- whenever we try to export one of these drawing, the dxf/dwg-file is empty except from the data drawn directly on the layer with the links to it.

please help!

we need an option to export the documents as they print to keep our consultants from getting all confused...



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Those are, unfortunately, the limitations of LL.

I hope they (the good folks at NNA) are working on a LL management tool to address the wish for "list of linked layers." In the meantime, just keep a locus at each source layer and a reminder textblock for your shift distance. Restack when required. Delete and re-link when required.

DXF is so primitive it will not support LL. I'm told that otherwise is a pipe dream. As such, I've found decent success by organizing things differently when DWG versions are involved. Multi-unit drawings with many repetitions are most troublesome. They require forewarning to your client that extra payment is required to re-organize the drawings to AC standards. smile.gif



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i had a brief conversation with some vectorworks hotline support member, and he told me that he had the question before, and that there was some solution...but that he'd have to check back and he would send me an email.

i've heard nothing jet from him...

maybe it's because this just doesn't work, as you say.

still i don't really understand what would be so difficult about this function; i would already be satisfied with a 'duplicate to polygons' or 'ungroup' functionality for these layer links. i'd have to do this only for exporting to dxf/dwg in 2d format.

other cad systems like archicad, allplan and autocad have no problems with this feature - so i can't really believe vectorworks has NO WAY to work around this.

thanks for any assistance,


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Glad you mentioned the mailing list, Mike.

I'm actually a refugee from that busy list, having participated from the time of the old Majordomo server. Indeed everybody is there.

Here, it's just peculiar that NNA techs choose to reply to certain topics and not others. frown.gif

Also, the "notify by email" seems to be broken on these message boards. Anybody else?



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Also, check out the L-Soft VectorWorks user discussion list at: http://peach.ease.lsoft.com/archives/vectorworks-l.html

This weeks topics alone have postings by John Williams, Andrew Bell, Robert Anderson, Dan Monaghan, Caleb Strockbine, Lyndsey, Sean Flaherty, Shirley Carter, Bruce Ferguson, and Craig Hollinshead, all Nemetschek employees.

Don't ask me why they are all so much more active on the L-Soft list than on their own UBB list. Maybe one of them can respond to this.

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Originally posted by michael@arc:

just for my information:

do any vectorworks monitor this board and sometimes help solve problems?

According to John Williams at Nemetschek NA,

VectorWorks 9 (now available) not only supports import and export compatibility with AC 2000, but also supports the exporting of LayerLinks to DWG. He states the LayerLinks come in as blocks in AutoCad.

Don't worry, they (NNA) listen carefully to user requests.

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Originally posted by PeterT:

Don't worry, they (NNA) listen carefully to user requests.

But not so apparently. From their lack of replies, they seem to mostly ignor. So it's a practice of ignoring (otherwise known as "ignorance").



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Here's a link to John Williams' message which describes the new DXF/DWG export features in VectorWorks 9:


As for PeterT's question, I can speak only for myself. In my case, the answer is simply "convenience." When you get right down to it, I get paid to write software, not to provide technical support. I enjoy helping people out when I can by providing an answer to a question or a link to useful information, so I do that whenever I can. But time is limited, and it's simply faster and easier for me to keep tabs on the VectorWorks mailing list than to track all the different topics in this fine forum. I look around here too when I can, but I don't always have time. The mailing list, on the other hand, comes straight to my mailbox and gets filed automatically, and it usually doesn't take more than a minute or two to run through the messages.

There are a lot of different options for mailing list subscribers. If you want to keep an eye on the daily discussion but don't want a million messages each day, you can opt to receive a daily index or a daily digest. If you'd prefer not to subscribe, you can always read the messages in the list archives. And searching the archives is a handy way to find past messages that might help you solve a problem.


Caleb Strockbine

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