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How nice would it be if the positioning of the SAVED VIEWS in preparation to create an animation along a path could be achieved in a manner similar to placing a light? Real Nice! Trying to use the walk through tool in wireframe, if intending to truly walk through at eye level, is next to impossible. Too many lines, too little control.

If the SAVED view were linked to a 3D point with a controllable height, that would take just a few moments to set up and be easy to adjust. I realize that animations are not a feature that is frequently used, but many VW users said that about the schedules too because they were difficult to manage. Now that they work well, users use them. Clients love animations and they work very well on webpages.


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Further to this request, given the mechanical portion of the software, this ought to allow for multiple objects to be rotated about an orbit point like rotating gears for example or even more complex objects relative to a working plane.

I have a client who specifically has requested this so that he can test his designed for tolerances. I have had to advise him that VW is primarily an architectural tool but then this begs the question, why is there a mechanical component given this argument? Architects do not generally use this so the feature ought to be available for people that do...

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Hey Blink,

i've moaned about this before.

Being able to tie/link/anchor an object/symbol to a point or another object and then rotate it is a must for the Mechanical fraternity. Hierarchy.

3D Apps have it as an integral part of the the make up. VW Mech. needs it too!!

Engineering is about moving parts, so moving these parts as and when we need to is a must and should be part of the Mechanical Design package, even if architects don't need it.

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