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Just out of curiousity... what does this mean for backwards compatibility? More specifically, if my company (the US portion) upgrades, will we be able to share both directions with our German partners, on an older version of VW??? (they don't upgrade as often as we do) I guess I could still save as older versions of VW, it would just have to convert the solids, right???

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Minimizing costs is the most dangerous way to achieve profits (and minimizing costs is not the same thing as controling them).

Then according to this logic ... maximizing costs is the least dangerous way to achieve profits ( and maximizing costs is equivalent to controlling them ).

Therefore, the greater the costs the higher the profits.

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Then according to this logic ... maximizing costs is the least dangerous way to achieve profits

Just because yellow means caution, purple doesn't mean the torpedeos.

The least dangerous way to achieve profits is to diversify.

and maximizing costs is equivalent to controlling them ).

Think like the Buddha not Aristotle.

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There are much small improvements that will sure be come in handy. The real big thing is of course the parasolid kernel.

I think the office I work will not upgrade because the boss don't want to use 3D and all the other improvements are not used here.

I'm only wanting to see the new spreadsheets. In some of the movies they doesn't look changed. And someone has said here onthese forums that it will be almost like exell. So i'm afraid that this will be a dissapointment because of high hopes like exell.

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I think the big thing is the parasolid kernel. To change the kernel it's not an esay task for any software developer. With this move Vw it's now a big player in modeling foundations. The big changes with objects and functionality will come in next versions. The new kernel promises 3d dimensions, editable sections, INTELIGENT GEOMETRY (a must needed for Vw parametrics objects) and many others functions asked in our wish lists. This will affect the foundation of Vw in a very positive way.

I think it's important to support this update because there's no doubt NNA with this new change get compromised with the idea of make Vw a better application with real solutions for their users.

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Well, I looked through them, and I must say that besides the Parasolid kernel, there aren't big things that have changed.

Looks like they've done quite a bit of work improving usability and workflow to me. There're a few things in there such as batch exporting DWGs, importing files with drag and drop, PDF snapping, locked file alert, customisable roof geometry for massing models, etc. that will be the seller in our office. Well that and whether or not the problems with circular referencing are fixed. (and the little matter of tightened budgets!)

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I agree, looks like there are some useful additions and improvements on top of Parasolids but;

I don't like this statement from the Parasolids Advantage: "Design efficiencies inherent in the Parasolid kernel, as well as its

sophisticated multiprocessor techniques (currently for Windows only), makes Vectorworks 2009 the

application of choice for any size project."

I hope this doesn't mean performance on the mac is going to languish because of a third party that doesn?t view the mac platform as a priority. It would be nice if we could get some clarification on this statement. Will VW 2009 actually be slower on multiprocessor macs until this is corrected? How will render times be affected by this given that they are currently multiprocessor aware? Is there a timeline available for when multiprocessor support will come to the mac?

I'm assuming that these speed improvements only apply to windows for now.

Vectorworks 2009 Benchmark Scores

What the integration of Parasolid means in your real-world application:

? Vectorworks 2009 is up to 12x faster for Boolean operations, including surface addition, subtraction, and intersection

? 3D modeling operations are 4-5x faster in Vectorworks 2009

? Viewport renderings are 2-4x faster in Vectorworks 2009

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There are a few things that look to me as if they will make the normal workflow easier and better:

- the Snap Loupe (very nifty).

- the better Smart Cursor Cues (easier and more positive).

- gray other objects whilst editing Groups and Symbols (a longstanding wish fulfilled).

- proper hole forming in walls (the end of the edge banding problem).

- easier and better door and window object insertion into walls.

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That 4GB RAM requirement (recommendation?) with RW is up there a bit.

My shiny, brand new and (I thought) pretty powerful machine is looking like a 98 lb weakling way too soon. I can squeeze in more RAM but jeeze -you'd think we need darn near super computers to run this stuff.

Still, just upgraded to VW 08 to take advantage of the free upgrade to 09 and it all looks pretty cool to me.

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I recently upgraded my machine to 4gb ram.....but soon found out win xp only recognizes 3.5gb of it.

But wow, 4gb of ram for renderworks.......so much for multitasking with other, high ram usage design programs?

Looks like I should wait to upgrade my laptop until there is a 6gb ram machine available

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I think the big thing is the parasolid kernel.

Positively correct. But still cautious of VW. That kernel can do much more than they currently exploit it for. But it was a big change and one that had to be taken with caution in implementing.

Still, having a powerfull kernel and no 3D dimensioning, no live sections as you "pull" the section line ? Forget the famous VW marketing " new gadgets" that we all love to fall for - is it really, really worth it to upgrade at the VW cost factor (double than Archi) for one single big move but still with limited usage of a powerfull kernel ? Think slow and hard not to fall in the VW 2008 trap again. As Christiaan said - budgets are limited.

Will wait for a VW 2010 and see if VW will have more confidence in exploiting the real potential with "real" tools in that kernel. I believe it will still be a good base CAD as all-rounder.

I just can not see a way of supporting VW 2009 after the VW 2008 fiasco (do not want gadgets - want tools) with a powerfull kernel but with limited exploitation of it. And was it tested to it's full extent to minimize bugs ? Why not as other's make it an open testing ground before final release to smooth out the opertaional status and get pre - evaluation of shortcomings/improvements ?

But - well done VW.

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- Floors that can have different textures applied to their top surface, bottom surface and side surfaces.

- Beam objects that can be flat or pitched, and can use a custom profile.

- Column and pilaster objects that model both the architectural or structural components or both. The structural component can also be a custom profile.

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I suspect Mac multi-core support will be dependent on Snow-Leopard.

I find it difficult to be excited about Parasolid. It's not the technology, it's the implimentation that matters to me.

Parasolid offers some hope, and it has been used to address a few of the more minor wall limitations, but there's still some heavy lifting remaining.

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