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Standard naming error

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I cannot get to "document settings/Standard Naming..." without this error:

"A VectorScript error has occurred. Refer to the file "Error Output" for a further explanation.

And the output explanation is:

"Error: _1196 _34 - Array ALLOCATE end < start: _57 s/been made.must first call GetEvent to invoke appropriate..."

I just need to change the class of a joist object and cannot seem to do it. Was trying to get to the standard naming dialog and disable auto classing to see if that would work.

Any ideas appreciated.

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I experineced issues using standard naming.

The circumstances were creating sheets and viewports using standard naming, then deleting them.

When I tried to recreate them later, the file became corrupt.

It was sent to NNA via bug submit.

Subsequently, I have avoided this problem by not using standard naming.

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