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Rotate Page Inconsistancy


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If you have drawn say a rectangle then you use the "plan rotation" feature to rotate teh view 90? the "width" indication points up or down the screen which is what it should do since its only the view that has changed not the objects orientation.

If you draw a line horizontal say 0? then you do the same plan rotation, when you look in the OIP it says the line is 90?. The lines angle changes with the view, I dont believe this is how it should be. No matter what the plans view is the lines angle should remane the same.

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Hi there,

Here's what I think (and why Nemetschek should be ashamed of themselves)...

...when you rotate the page, you would expect to just be rotating a view around a fixed drawing (all the data in the same place), right?

...wrong, the rotate page command merely temporarily changes the origin and orientation of the actual drawing data.

If you don't believe me, try drawing any object then copying that object into memory. If you rotate the page and then paste the object in place, you would expect it to come in on top of the original, but it doesn't...it comes in relative to the new origin/orientation. This explains why referencing doesn't work when a file is saved in rotated page view.

They just made it easier to mess up your drawings...and when you ask them about it they say, "ah well, it was never meant to be an Autocad-like UCS system".

Call it the 'lazy origin reset with admittedly pretty but ultimately meaningless animation effect tool' then!

As you said, "I don't believe this is how it should be".

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