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Text Wrapping in a Symbol with Record Info???


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I have run up against this problem again....

I am building a symbol that is basically a number/ label strip for a row of 12 circuit breakers. I built the symbol, created a Record, attached 12 pieces of text to 12 individual fields in the record, set all the text to wrap by clicking on the Wrap Text box in the OIP. It works fine, but the text refuses to wrap, and no matter how many times I tweak the little buggers to fit perfectly into their little spaces on the label strip.....it just goes back to one single line of text.

I am tired, my eyes hurt...

What am I missing??? It's got to be so simple and basic I cannot think of it??

Please help.

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Guest Frank Brault

I tried this in W2008 and found the behavior that you describe. I found that I could copy a return character from a text block and paste it into the symbol instance record field, though.


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