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How to print to Scale?



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Setup the printer page size then use the page tool to move the page over the relevant part of the drawing. Pay attention to the margins.

If you are printing from a design layer, the design layer scale defines the output scale.

If you are printing from a sheet layer, the sheet layer is 1:1 so the scale of each sheet layer viewport will determine the scale on a viewport by viewport basis. So you can mix and match scales on the same sheet. You can also easily add a drawing border.

When you print, the print dialogue settings can affect the layer settings. There is a Vectorworks scale % setting to override the output settings plus the printer settings themselves. Always check that printer settings are outputing as you expect, ie 100% and fit to page etc are as you intend. In some scenarios, especially printing from pdf's, the printer can is sometimes subtly reduced - say to 94%. In this case, you need to set it back to 100%.

Some people recommend putting a scale line on the plan to check output with scale rule and I am going to start doing this as I think it is a good idea.

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You are just amazing man. Aswsering all my quiries THANK YOU!

I have been going at this with trail and error method and managed to get a print from which I could measure from, but with your assistance I'm sure I will now get it 100%. Just need to play around and get my head around it.

Thank you for the tutoring, Much Appreciated

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