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Circles extruding to hexagons?!!!

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can anyone explain why it is that when I create a 2D circle of any diameter and then use the extude tool to turn it into a cylinder the circle suddenly becomes an hexagon?

I've tried playing around with scaling/rendering options but still all I get are hexagons.! What's going on... and how do I correct it?

Mac OS9.1 with bags of Real RAM and Vector Works @ 8.5.2.

Many thanks,


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Understand that you will never get a true cylinder by extruding a circle in VectorWorks. Before a 2d shape of any configuration is extruded VectorWorks converts the shape into line segments with the length and number of line segments being determined by the conversion resolution in the preferences menu.

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You may find it easier to create tubes or columns as sweeps rather than extruding a circle. This will allow you to control the size, shape the number of polygons in a 3d model. The extrude a circle path only allows for variation in height and small, medium and large for definition of the circle. Since Large models can get to be a real bear with VectorWorks it helps to vary the size of model geometry and only put high-rez 3d shapes in the foreground where it counts. Of course I have no idea what new features Vectorworks 9 will bring.

Bob Tiedemann

Tiedemann Design

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