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Drape Surface with uneven top


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I know how to perform a "drape surface" like a table cloth over a table.

What about if the top of the table was uneven?

What I am trying to achieve is a basic waterfall.

I have created the bed of the water fall with extrusions stagered down like steps.

My plan was then to draw a rectangle over the staggered extrusions, extrude the rectangle 10mm then perform a drape surface, then apply a water tecture to the extrusion. When I attempted this the extrusion levelled off at the highest point of the stagered extrusions. Anyone got any ideas?

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Guest Frank Brault

Try this: create the staggered extrusion water surface as an solid addition or another single object in the shape of the water form, then do the drape surface. This menu command takes s single selected object as its parameter.

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