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Site Model Input Problem - Can't Convert 2D Polygons to 3D Countours


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I have all of my 2d polygons waiting to be converted to contours. After filling in all of the appropriate information in the Parameter box, I clicked OK and wait for the first polygon to be highlighted. Nothing is happening. What could the problem be? There are no polylines...only 2d polygons.


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So, if you have 2D polygons, I first suggest being sure they are actually polygons.

Select all -> Modify -> Convert -> Convert to Polygons.

Now go to AEC -> Survey Input -> 2D Polys to 3D Contours -> Set Start Height and Interval

->Now one of the poly's should appear highlighted so you can set it's height...

Also, be SURE that your polygons are not overlapping each other.

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I can't find the Purge command. Is it the same as smoothing? Re gmm18. None of the polygons are overlapping and I went through the steps you suggested. Version 2008

My fault. Purge Polygons is not in VWA 2008 -- I got it from Vectorbits.com. It's a great essential command, though, if you ever get cad survey files. Before I used that plugin, I relied on the "Simplify Polys" script command to clean up polys, but I'm not sure it works with version 2008.

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sfatelier, my guess is still something is going on with your polygons.

But to help narrow this down (maybe you have already done this):

I suggest drawing up a handful of polygons. To be quick you can just draw 5 concentric circles using the circle tool, then Modify>Convert to Polygons

Then run the AEC>SurveyInput>2D Polys to 3D Contours...

If you get this to work, then the problem you are experiencing is likely still your source polygons. Maybe try re-generating them from scratch in a new file.

If this test doesn't work, then something else is at play...

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The "2D Polys to 3D Contours" command does work with 2D polygons, so that's no problem. Another command that works for site models is the Modify -> Convert to 3D Polys. I still suspect that the source 2D polygons have vertices too narrowly spaced along the path. Smoothing is not a factor, if you are referring to the curves. But simplifying the 2D polygons (deleting vertices) always improves the performance of the Site Model. I've always had painfully sluggish performance otherwise, albeit on a PowerPC.

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