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Operation aborted due to lack of memory - anybody have a solution?

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OK, I and many others on these forums seem to have the same problem. (Macs and PCs both...) And I've seen a lot of opinions, and a lot of "have you tried restarting your computer" junk... Does anyone have a solution or workaround for the "leaking memory" problem? I have 8 Vectorworks users at my location that have the same problem. Our machines are 2.66Ghz Dual Core, 256MB video, 3GB Ram, 6GB Virtual, XP Pro, all using VW 2008 SP3. Our machines are defragged, I've optimized the drawings, we are typically doing 3d hidden line drawings. Typically on one of our larger drawings, around 20MB or larger, we will do severaly hidden line renders, and then we will receive the "out of memory" error. VW requires a restart, and then we can do several more before the error again... I can watch the memory usage with a memory program, and I can see that the physical memory usage will grow and grow.. Basically the following = open a drawing, work on it for a while = 50MB memory usage... Render 1 view = 200MB memory usage, Render 2nd view = 400MB memory usage, until typically about 1GB memory usage = Memory Error... Even after VW finishes the views, it shows up on my memory monitor as still in use. And it just grows until the error.... Has anyone found a workaround for this? Maybe a program that recovers the memory?

I'm really growing tired of restarting VW every 5 views...

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I had the same issues with a 3Ghz Core2 Duo with 4GB RAM, 256MB Quadro NVS 290 video card, XP Pro, and VW 2008 SP3.

The only thing I can assume is that VW is a horrible program which shouldn't have any rendering software bundled with it...

I'm using AutoCAD 2009 now...waiting to see if there's a solution out of sheer curiosity.

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Yeah...I suppose that could be it too...but my limited knowledge doesn't lend me to understand how a crappy grahics card can cause insufficient system RAM when it's not shared memory.

This system was purchased at the same time I was hired...I really wish they'd saved $40 & went with an 8800GT.

The other problem I've noticed with this PC is that the RAM is DDR800...but CAS6.0 uber-generic. I'm going to be submitting a 'wish list' soon.

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The ram and the video memory share the 32bit (4gb) address space.

The NVS driver may be doing something that VW is not anticipating.

The OP reported memory disappearing in 200mb chunks with a 256mb video card...if the 200mb chunk is more like 192mb it could be a case where VW is only deallocating 64mb of video memory (the least allowed for VW2008).

Driver issues may be due to the emphasis of the NVS card drivers on 2d performance and perhaps optimization for directX -- a technology not available on the Mac and thus less likely to be handled well by VW.

I doubt it's the ram if it is occuring on eight machines and only with VW.

Of course this is only speculation.

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Please stay on track.... if you'll look through the forums, you'll find that it's happening to quite a few people, PC's and Mac's... It's not a Video Card issue. My card is an ATI x1300, 256MB card, My office also has NVidea GeForce 7300 cards.

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Read the signature of the post to which I responded.

Now read your signature. If you can, then you have added it since I posted this.

GeForce 7300 cards use turbo-cache...that's using main memory for graphic card functions.

Radeon X1300 cards come with HyperMemory...that's also using main memory for graphic card functions.

But I am beginning to agree your problem doesn't appear to be video card related.

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