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an NNA programmer reading techboard threads

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Reporting bugs on the techboard should be sufficient for adding a bug to the list.

This would require someone from NNA actively reading the posts made here.

The recent fit walls to roof thread is an example.

I encountered this problem on the very first building I attempted to model using VW.

In my opinion, what should cause concern for NNA is that the workaround from seasoned VW users is to turn off "auto join walls" and to hold elements 1mm apart.

In my opinion, these types of errors in core architectural functionality do very little to inspire confidence in users.

To go further, the bug reporting process needs to be improved.

Stop making users enter all their information every time they report a bug (and making them enter their serial number twice).

After encountering a bug and losing time due to interupted workflow and researching the techboard for work-arounds, I don't find myself particularly charitable toward providing software testing services to NNA.

NNA has licensee names and email already on file and attached to serial numbers.

If they really want bugs reported (which I have some doubt about), being able to report them from within VW would be a huge time saver.

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Tell it like it is!

This is what bothers me most about software companies, so many of them provide the ubiquitous "Dead End service".

i'm not saying they don't listen, improve, modify and/or solve the problems, but the user has a hard time understanding that they might be interested in our input.

INSTANT feedback would be nice. i'm have been involved in the RC world for many years, and the delight arrived at when a problem, however trivial, is answered rapidly, and some even reply instantaneously to your personal dilemma. Sometimes even by the company owner, and these are not small scale(forgive the pun) small profit companies, they're right up there at/with the forefront of their business and technologies.

They care about their customers . . . . and NNA?

Talk to us . . . . .

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I couldn't agree more, Brudgers. The idea that we need to go through some convoluted bug reporting process when all of the information is right here on the message board really irks me too. As you said, after wasting a bunch of time "discovering" a bug, I'm not terribly interested in spending more time to go through the reporting process. I'm especially bugged (pun intended) when one of the forum moderators tells a poster to file a bug. Where the hell is the customer service? "Yes, sir, you sure do have a bug there. If you'll just fill out form 10-2-47b, in triplicate, we'll get right on it." How about, "Hey, I'm the one getting paid by NNA here, maybe I should file the bug for you."?

This is all brought to us by the same people that replaced customer support with the USER FORUM.

end of rant.

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I agree with everything everybody has said here but I respectfully disagree with Ray. While the programmers shouldn't be spending there whole days on the forum, they still should be browsing their portion of the "show". I have got to think that the challenges and troubles posted to list forum represent a fairly accurate cross section of the user experience.

The bug submitting process is abysmal...I just don't do it.

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It does seem like it would be reasonable for someone at NNA to monitor the board for big and/or recurring software issues, and I assume that at times this does happen. On the other hand, the bug reporting process isn't that onerous.

So how about a 'Bugs' Discussion area on the forum? It would combine the two functions, and it would provide a centralized location on the forum for reporting issues. After all, a lot of posts are really just requests for help in solving a particular problem that isn't necessarily related to the software misbehaving.

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It does seem like it would be reasonable for someone at NNA to monitor the board for big and/or recurring software issues, and I assume that at times this does happen. On the other hand, the bug reporting process isn't that onerous.

I guess I've lived a charmed life.

I don't expect using my CAD software to be onerous at all.

Given what I think I know about business, I doubt that you will ever see a forum thread devoted to listing bugs...outside of the open source world.

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Forgive me for displaying any degree of ignorance here, but, as i understand it, when a company provides a product to the public, all be it a knowledgeable sector like those who use area specific software, that company(morally) is obliged to provide a product that provides the service that it is made for.

Now, i realise that the computer business bounces around corners at a very rapid pace and every day yesterdays technology is old hat, but if that means a few extra personnel needs to be employed to save programmers the time in researching the problems that manifest themselves in the form of belligerent "Bugs", then so be it!

The reply to this is always, "it'll cost you more to purchase or update the product". . .

This is not the case, 'coz a good product sells it's self, another zone where the "less is more" proves the exception. A good price, means more are sold and so no one looses out.

Big Rant! Sorry guys.


(i know i'm gonna get strung up for this)

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