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Just to pull this all together:

.STA file are Stantionary or Template Files. If you double click them, they open a VW file that contains the information in the template (drawing size, layers, classes, borders, resources, etc.) but with a title of Untitled.vwx

On the Mac (or at least some Macs), the .sta extension is not mapped to VW, but rather to Adobe Photoshop Match.

You can also access the data in these files by doing File:New and choosing Use Document Template and picking the STA file you want in the dialog box.

You can save any VW file that is open as a STA file by choosing File:Save As Template.

If you want to change a template, simple create a new file from the template, edit it as necessary and then Save as Template. Give it the name and click OK to overwrite the original file.

The STA files that ship with VW are in the Applications:VectorWorks:Templates file. Ones that you create yourself are stored by default in your user data folder:

Users/Your User Name/Library/Application Support/VectorWorks/2008/Templates


C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\Nemetschek\VectorWorks\2008/Templates


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i'm not sure how to explain, but i will try again from the beginning....

i was looking for a plumbing fitting, went thru files and found a file listed as"AIA plumbing Eng.sta. so i thought my problems were solved. but no, they weren't. how do you get to the data that is in that file?


i understand that they arent necessarily a 'drawing' but where is that files data and how can i use it?

hope that makes my question clearer !? not sure how to clearly ask what i need :>b

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What you are looking for is not likely in the STA files. It will be in the vwx files in the Libraries folder

Applications:Vectorworks 2008:Libraries

I would start your search in the Objects-Imperial folder. Check out the files

15_Plumbing_Fittings.vwx and 15_Plumbing_Fixtures.vwx.

The best way to access these is probably to add them to your Favorites in the Resource Browser.

Go to the Resource Browser and in the triangle pull down menu next to Files select Add New Favorite Files. Navigate to the Objects-Imperial folder in the dialog box. On the Mac if you hold down the shift key as you click on multiple items, it will select everything between the two clicks. If you hold down the Command key, it will select just the items clicked on.

Click the Open button and everything selected will be added to your Favorites in the Resource Browser.

Back in the Resource Browser, select the file you want to see the resources from in the top pull down file selection. Everything below the line are favorites. Everything above the line are open files.

In the bottom window you can see all of the resources available in the file. Just drag and drop them into your active document.


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