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The file was scanned from a 24X36 hard copy to a TIFF file, by an outside service. I'm not at my office now to see how big the TIFF file is. When I open the TIFF file through Windows Imaging it looks fine, but importing the TIFF as an image file into VWA is where the problem lies. I'll try to save it as a JPEG and then import again. Thanks until Tuesday.

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I wasn't able to convert the TIFF file to a JPEG. It's size is 2.5 mb. I'm also having some trouble importing old files from a Datacad program into Vectorworks. I've been exporting the Datacad file as a DWG and trying to import that into VW with no luck. Apparently I'm not savvy enough on these operations.

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It's not the disk size of the image but pixels. Make sure it's under 4000 pixels high and wide.

With the Datacad file it may be exporting a dwg file in newer version that VW 12 doesn't support. Try posting the file here.

Please create a signature with VW version and computer specs including OS version so we don't have to search through your posts to find the info.

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Not to mention the absence of support for the ECW-format?

Ray: those of us who are simply recipients of georeferenced aerials from our clients' (professional) GIS-systems, cannot necessarily change the resolution. We may eg. be required to use the same resolution (or accuracy, ie. raster resolution.)

There are Government bodies that supply quite large areas as single, orthocorrected and georeferenced aerials. 4000 pixels is nothing.

So, typically, a fundamental flaw in VW is turned to questioning of ?why do you want to do that? by the High Priests.




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i have the same problem as Kool. i often get sent huge aerial images, and when i resize them in PS, for some reason it will not link to the reference file anymore and will not import into the correct location.

and besides that, i may want a high res aerial, why does there have to be a limit?

other software can handle the images fairly easily.

i have had the problem where i have reduced the images down enough for VW to handle, but i want to import say 10 of them, when i get to the 5th or 6th one, they import fine, but one by one the previous imports start turning blank white and are useless....... very frustrating indeed

this has cost me a lot of time over the last year having to mess around with images just to get VW to import them properly.

i hope this has been addressed in 2010.......................................

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