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VW 2009

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I know the official announcement about VectorWorks 2009 is on September 11 (not a cheerful date), but I was wondering what to make of this very intriguing press leak:


I am intrigued over the claim that this "parasolid" engine to be hypothetically introduced in VectorWorks 2009 is the only one in the AEC Cad market besides Microstation. Before, it was mainly used in CAD/CAM applications such as SolidWorks and CATIA. It will be interesting to see how walls and roof modeling would be affected by this new 3D direction. I'm sure that 2D drawing will not be affected at all.

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Where can I get hold of such a demo?? Please.

Go to the Downloads Page, you should see Demo Versions as a choice.


Fill out form (name, email), submit & download page will open. The new version is cross platform - 1 download will work for Mac or PC.

Hope it is the same from your location.

I added this to the thread because it seems to be a very powerful marketing strategy, unlike the buy it first & return if you don't like it that NNA favors. I've seen some posts that say you can contact NNA Sales and request a trial copy. Maxon's approach seems more open & friendly.


I finnally managed to get this downloaded. The first 15% goes well, then it finishes very qiuckly and when you whant to open the Zipped fille an Error Window pops-up....' The zipped file is invalid or corrupt'

Is this link old and the downloadable file maybe somewhare elase I can get it.


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