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VW 2009

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Have to say I'm very curious about this speed claim. Is it overall? How is it achieved? Render farming? 64 bit, Intel-only? The mind boggles. I can only imagine you don't get such speed gains from tweaking your code here and there.

Speed gains to Workgroup Referencing and DLVPs would certainly hit the sweet spot.

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I doubt VW 2009 will be even twice as fast. Marketing guys are akin to lawyers ...... they can lie all they want if it is in the interest of their client. However, if VW were 10 times faster, it wouldn't do me any good, because I can't think 10 times faster than I do now. As before, I'm limited by my brain.

OK NNA, I've taken the bait, where is the 10 times faster software ? (PS: I like VW 2008 a lot, even if it isn't 10 times faster.)

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I don't think I could stand dealing with 10-12 times as many bugs per day.

nothing says faster equates to increased productivity... so maybe they have simply screwed up the few working portions of the program thereby requiring one to work 10-12 times faster to make a deadline

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The release is a little earlier in the year from VW 2008 (that program dates Nov. 2007)

Don't worry about the date of release, it will be actually almost exactly a year from the release of 2008, which was Sept. 13, 2007.

By golly, you're right. I found the postcard NNA mailed out last year, highlighting Sept. 13th. So far, there has been nothing in the snail mail this year.

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OK NNA, I've taken the bait, where is the 10 times faster software ? (PS: I like VW 2008 a lot, even if it isn't 10 times faster.)

Where does it say the software is 10x faster. All I see is "work 10-12 times faster.". In my books, that increased productivity not faster software. I can see this happening by running tasks concurrently - as Christiaan suggests, render farms are one option that would easily deliver this (arbitrary 10-12x) work speed increase.

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10-12 speed increase doesn't need a render farm. It slowly dawned on companies that the GPU was much faster than the CPU for non-graphic tasks, so now some code that used to be executed by the CPU is handled by the GPU. Photoshop did this with their transformations & plug-in filters, for instance. I'm guess that VW is doing the same thing for some of their calculations/operations. A couple of researches in Belguim made a simple super-computer by sticking 4 high-end graphics cards in a box and having them do the calc, video and info here:


A little birdy told me that Parasolids will be incorporated into the next VW release.

But overall, I agree w/ clb. Before VW gets any more shiny, new features, fix the bugs and annoying features.

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Where can I get hold of such a demo?? Please.

Go to the Downloads Page, you should see Demo Versions as a choice.


Fill out form (name, email), submit & download page will open. The new version is cross platform - 1 download will work for Mac or PC.

Hope it is the same from your location.

I added this to the thread because it seems to be a very powerful marketing strategy, unlike the buy it first & return if you don't like it that NNA favors. I've seen some posts that say you can contact NNA Sales and request a trial copy. Maxon's approach seems more open & friendly.


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Thanks. Will down load now

But I'm sure I read on here that NNA has Bought or taken over Maxon or something like that.

You've got it reversed, from VectorWorks Company description:

"Company History

Nemetschek North America,Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of European software giant Nemetschek AG."

So this could mean that the new VW2009 have the same capabilities as the CINEMA 4D

Not likely.


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