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VW 2009

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Actually, it claims no such thing. It claims that you should "get ready to work 10-12 times faster" not that the software does. Logically, this would mean the software is 10-12 slower, and you have to work 10-12 times faster just to stay at your present speed.

Or perhaps, with Biplab becoming the new CTO, it is a literal expression of 10-12 = -2, though what working -2 times faster means is not clear. Or as the famous Mr Holmes said, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth."

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Whether VW wants to impress further with BIM/IFC for the upper 10% of their user base and if they want to keep on with their image based strategy of winning awards with those upper 10% users they use to their full extent in the marketing campaign an d with the the knowledge that the final presentation product is mostly done via a third party exentension program ....

or deliver to the 90% that just want the tools to do the job that is long overdue and forgotten by other CAD's. And of course ...will 2009 another replica of 2008 with all the bugs to deliver some early Chrismas bonusses accompanied by a heck of a market campaigm, still left to 3rd party small programmers to make it really usefull ?

In the long run, I see VW goiing down due to a high brass behind a shining desk just directing one way - image based, award winning by extension packages marketing campaigns .... will fall because the 90% users base will take to something that does deliver in their wish list items as THEY want it not the high brass behind the shiny desk. And in the end the finance base will drop out and possible merge as a Archi-Vector segment.

These guys do not deliver want is to be used by the majority but what they think the majority must have and must use according their thinking line and will.

They have shown only disregard for the larger user base needs - the few and little improvements as per their market campaign for 2008 - "we listened" - was one big bugged joke.

Will 2009 be another bugged and sick joke ?

And I still feel VW have an excellent base .....just the managerial side for directional side is total lacking.

I do not say that the BIM/IFC direction is wrong, just that they totally and brutally disregard the 90% user's wish list for basic to have improvements, without having to buy a nearly same amount of upgrade cost 3rd party add-on's to make it work as it should have been in the first place.

Good luck VW 2009!

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They haven't mentioned if it will be faster then VW2008... So maybe they mean faster then AC, or faster then Minicad 6 or...

One thing that i did learned over the years is to not get excited by the words of salesmen/marketing compaigns (they are the Devil in disguise :grin: )... I only believe what i see.

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Let's try not to be to harsh on Central Command.

These are trying times involving the transition from 32 single >64bit multi-core processors and advanced GPU parallels writing to RAID across vast networks.

Then there's the Vista/OSX support wierdness ; )

The next release should help settle many of the outstanding performance & file related issues. Having external plug-ins capabilities is a major benefit .. not a detriment. The talented people at NNA know what they are doing , and are working to achieve all our goals in a very competitive and challenging environment.

The next release will be a game changer nodoubtaboutit. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.

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I thought you were happy back there on v11.5

Right you are amigo ...

I've settled in with v11.5.1 which I find to be both incredibly stable, powerful and "100% file safe"..

and it plays nice with all of all my legacy and OpenSource stuff, too.

The wise old saying that, " a Master Chef can perform miracles with the most basic natural ingredients" is true.

At this point in my long career, experimenting with new improved interfaces at the cost of stability makes little economic sense.

Rock-Solid is 99% of the battle. I have very little hair left to tear-out anguishing over lost or corrupt data.

Just like everyone else, I get a real geek-rush from buying and installing new stuff.

Only problem is ... my fragile brain chemistry is insufficient to tolerate the subsequent gut-wrenching withdrawal.

Being trapped in a state of constant suck-up... really sucks ( as witnessed by these forums ; )

Nevertheless, I , too, eagerly await the next version which may allow me to make a quantum leap in both cross-platform hardware & software.

However, if endless service pack upgrades will be required just to perform mundane file, printing & WGR network operations... who has the time for that ?

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Well, there will be always things that work better on one system and things on the other. It's normal because each system react different to other problems. I'm not against mac's.

In our office we work with both pc's and mac's and in VW11 there where problems on the pc with vw that didn't appear on the mac. Now with VW2008, most of the problems appear on both but there were some problems here that appeared only on the mac and not on the pc ( and vica versa but less). I can't remember them all and I always sent bug reports when I discover something. It's actually not a matter of thing going better on one system but bug's that appear on one system and not on the other. It was a wrong choice of words from my part. I hope I didn't hurt anyone feelings.

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I see that no one has a line on what VW 2009 will actually feature, aside from improved speed. The release is a little earlier in the year from VW 2008 (that program dates Nov. 2007), so I hope the earlier date does not detract from any ground breaking innovations. When VW 2008 was released, it set the new de facto standard - it well surpassed VW 12.5, and got great reviews. In fact, VW 2008 was so good that I trashed version 12.5 a lot earlier, even though it was a good stable version. The batch conversion command made upgrading my files from MCD to VWX a lot easier. My custom workspace had to be built from scratch - not easy.

I hope VW 2009 does something about that woefully outdated worksheet - like maybe allowing us to type inside the cell, similar to Excel or Numbers - its present interface is no better than AppleWorks. Having a fully functional spreadsheet is what sets VectorWorks apart from other Cad programs, so it should be improved to make it a proud selling point.

I am pleased with NNA's management of their flagship product on how they are rolling great new innovations into every release. It really shows how the product is a reflection of the company's goals. This can be seen to a somewhat negative extent in a company like AutoDesk (here I go with a negative attack), who I perceive as meagerly improving their software (if at all to AutoCad and Revit), while rolling their profits into acquisitions of specialty construction software companies to boost AutoDesk stock. And using some of their profits to sue competitors out of business, like Open Design Alliance (okay, end of the negative attack).

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