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slash marks are HUGE Help!

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I imported a dwg file and it is too scale.

i am working in meters.

the dimension tool makes dimension lines and the text [numbers] huge.

i have changed the font to get the text smaller, success.

I have changed the offset for the text and dimension lines, success

the slash marks on either end of the line remain huge....

i have gone into:



arrow heads

change the cross hatch slash lines there but it has no affect.

help, thanks, keith

my 1st post!

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If by "Huge" you mean thick instead of long, go to File/Document Settings/Document Preferences/Dimensions/Dimension Slash Thickness. This will globally change all slash thicknesses in that drawing file.

If you mean long, and not thick, dimension slashes are controlled by the "Dimension Standard" being used, which displays on the Object Info Palette. If you select your dimensions you can change them to a different standard in the pull-down list on the OIP.

If you already have a dimension standard that draws correct slashes in a new file, just select one of these, and see what standard is being used. If you change the bad dimensions in your imported file to this same standard, they should change to look the same.

You can also go to File/Document Settings/Document Preferences/Dimensions /Dimension Standard, and choose the dimension standard you want future dimensions to be drawn with. This is also where you create your own standard if you are not happy with the ones offered, or edit any existing custom standards. To do this, click the "Custom" button. Here you create a new custom standard, or select and existing one if there is one, choose "Edit", and in the custom dimension dialog box, choose the slashes, and in the bottom of the marker pull-down choose "Edit". Here you can set the slash length for your new dimension standard and save it.

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