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I made some new pictures (manipulated with objects so they appear as what I'm aiming for with the focus point).

I work mostly with dance performances and would like to create documentation for the Light Directors whom will work with the designs on tour etc.

Draw beam works only if you have a instrument hanging and focused down on floor.

If I want to make a special for backdrop or sidelight the "Draw beam" does not reflect "Real life" focus

New set of Pictures


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I think what you are wanting is just to edit your symbol? You just want the light to look like it would be hanging on a boom, torm or what have you where it is yoked straight out or possibly yoked in some funny manner. You probably are best off deleting your 2d portion of the symbol for a little bit to do it for now and redraw something later.

Or I could be entirely misunderstanding you. Either way the images look like they are doing what they are supposed to.

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