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Trouble with Window Schedule Consolidation


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So just when I thought I had all the schedule stuff figured out...

I am consolidating all the similar windows together by using the SUM function in the Marks database headers. I use the =COUNT formula to display quantity. And I divide by that quantity (/A4, the cell which the +COUNT formula appears) in the formula for overall height, overall width, and elevation.

The quantities show up correctly. The dimensions are right if the quantity is 1, but half what they should be when the quantity is 2, and a quarter of what they should be when the quantity is 4.

I did this in the door schedule and didn't have a problem. What am I overlooking here?

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Just in case anyone looks at this topic, Pat replicated the same problem and found a temporary solution until this bug is fixed... at least we think it is a bug.

To consolidate the windows in the window schedule, you should divide by the cell with the =COUNT formula in it (i.e. /D4), then multiply by that cell (i.e. *D4) so the formula will look something like this:


Weird, but it works for now.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Try to move the Quantity column to the end of the worksheet.

The location of this column matters in a summarize database. It is recommended to place that column right to the column where you reference it for best results.

Of course this is a bug.



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